Total Vision Services

Fee Schedule
Optometrist Eye Examination (Includes Dilation) 25% Off UCR
Ophthalmology Eye Exam (Includes Dilation) $69.00 Flat Fee
Single Vision $39.00
Bifocals (FT-25, FT-28) $60.00
Trifocals (FT-7/25, FT-7/28) $70.00
Progressive Bifocals (Excluding Varilux) $112.00
Strong Power - charged per lens  
Sphere and cylinder of + or - 4.00 Diopters add $5.00/Per Lens
Sphere and cylinder of + or - 8.00 Diopters add $15.00/Per Lens
Prescription Remake Policy (per pair)
Single Vision Lenses $10.00
Bifocal Lenses $13.00
Progressive Lenses $20.00
Lens Options
Standard Tint add $15.00
Tint (Solid or Gradient) add $15.00
Standard Scratch Coating add $15.00
UV Treatment add $15.00
Standard Anti-Reflective Coating add $40.00
Polycarbonate Lenses Single Vision add $30.00
Polycarbonate Lenses Bifocal/Trifocal add $35.00
Polycarbonate Lenses Progressive add $45.00
High Index 1.60 Single Vision add $35.00
High Index 1.60 Bifocal/Trifocal add $45.00
High Index 1.60 Progressive add $55.00
All frames up to $150 retail 40% off
All frames over $150 retail 30% off
Contact Lenses (Per Pair)
Professional Services (i.e. fitting fees, follow-up visits, polishes, etc.) are 25% off regular retail prices. All Contact lens fitting fee includes follow-up visit and solution.
Note: Provider may require one year minimum order of disposable lenses
Disposable Contact Lenses Sphere, Aspheric, Toric, Multifocal and Cosmetic Includes: One Day Disposables, Two Week Disposables and Silicon Hydrogel 10% off Retail
Specialty Soft Lenses - Non disposable Toric, Bifocal, Piggyback,
Soft perm Cosmetic, Therapeutic, Post-Operative
20% off Retail
Rigid Gas Perm Lenses Spherical, Front Back & Bitoric, Bifocal, Kertaconus, Graft, Lenticular, etc 20% off Retail
All Contacts not listed by type or brand name are 20% off regular retail, except for disposable lenses which are 10% off regular price.
Additional Benefits Include:
Any Optical products not listed on the fee schedule will be subject to a 25% discount off the regular retail price. Manufacturers Rebates may be used in conjunction with the fee schedule pricing. No other discounts apply. Prices are subject to change.
Payment must be made at the time of service in order to receive a discount.