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History of Total Vision Services

Originally established in 1988 as Total Vision Services, we began marketing a discount fee for service vision plan in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Since its inception, TVS has experienced steady growth and now works with well over 1,500 clients.

In 1990, Total Vision Services led the industry in adding Ophthalmologists to their panel of providers. The Ophthalmology panel not only administers primary eye examinations, but also offers discounts on the latest advances in laser surgery.

In 1997, Total Vision Services completed an arrangement with a national network of providers and now offers their clients a provider base of over 12,000 eye care professionals throughout the United States. With this added provider network, TVS now services clients nationwide.

In 2002, TVS expanded their product line to include an insured vision plan that coincides with our philosophy of offering benefits that are completely flexible and voluntary. The insured plan, which is underwritten by Avesis, offers the most competitive rates in the industry as attested by attaining the State of Kentucky employees as one of our initial clients.

Insured Vision Dental

Avesis Vision Plans are built on a foundation of unparelleled flexibility and customer service. We recognize that every client has unique needs and we pride ourselves on our ability to build creative product solutions to meet each situation.

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We ensure a positive experience for members by reducing confusion with provider recognition and participation. The member will want to utilize their card and enjoy the savings time and time again.

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Payment must be made at the time of service in order to receive a discount.